About Metrics

Metrics refers to individual Custom Metrics, Metric Scorecards, and Metrics Reports.

Use Metrics to gain a deeper understanding of your key performance indicators and to help improve fleet utilization. This information is relevant to reducing costs that impact the bottom line.

Executive Summary
Executive Summary Scorecard

Scorecard Report
Scorecard Report

Scorecard KPIs

  • See the number of events
  • Add thresholds and weights to events
  • See the resulting score for each metric
  • Create a final score as a rollup of all metric scores
  • Compare vehicle performance and rank drivers

Deep Dive: How do I create a safety scorecard?

Custom Metrics

Custom vehicle metrics allow you to determine what key performance indicators to count, measure, score, compare, and calculate. In other words, it’s a powerful a tool set that is driven entirely by the items you care about most in your fleet–such as the total number of speeding events, the average speed of speed violations, the total hours idled, the total distance traveled, etc.

There are three varying permissions that you can give a user (or combination of) related to metrics. 1) In order to create/edit custom metrics and use scorecard configuration tools, a user must have the Custom Metrics item enabled in the User Permission List. 2) In order to run metrics reports (not create metrics), a user must have the Manage Metrics item enabled in the Menu Access List (Custom category). 3) In order to run a traditional metric report, a user must have the Metrics Scorecard item enabled in the Menu Access List (Report category).

System Metrics

The summarization data for some device-based events are automatically available to you as a system metric. System metrics are not customizable, but you can report on them using Metrics Reports and dashlets:

Device Type Description Metric(s)
Custom Device Inputs Devices that have been configured to use custom inputs (e.g., snow plow up/down, seatbelt on/off, etc.) Two metrics per input:
•Count of event
•On duration of event
PNP-3000 Devices that have the optional buzzer feature for in-cab alerts. •Hard Braking Count
•Hard Left Count
•Hard Right Count
•Idling Count
•Rapid Acceleration Count
•Speeding Count


Metrics Reporting

Use the Metrics Reports tool to view summary, detail, and trend data about an existing metric or scorecard (collection of metric scores) using various charts and tables.


You can also view individual metrics from several places on the dashboard and the traditional reporting interface, such as the Vehicle Selector dashlet, Utilization Rollup dashlet, and the Fleet Hierarchy Rollup report.



The Metrics feature is currently available for US customers only.