With the Driveri AI Fleet Camera you have an additional layer of monitoring driver behavior and ensuring a safer fleet. Additional Driveri instructional/informational resources are available on the Driveri Help Center: Driveri Help Center.

  GPS Insight DVIR

The GPS Insight DVIR product offers DVIR capabilities and reporting designed to eliminate DVIR paperwork, provide instant notification of submitted reports/defects, and truly work for your unique fleet supporting custom forms/checklists.

  Manager App

Access your GPS Insight data in the palm of your hands on your mobile or tablet running iOS.

  Driver App

With the GPS Insight Driver App, drivers can assign and un-assign themselves to/from a vehicle, record pre- and post-trip Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, and send and/or receive messages from dispatch from their Android devices.

  GPSI Connect

The GPSI Connect Tablet supports ELD/HOS-related apps.

  ELD Complete

The ELD Complete solution provides a detailed and simplified approach to implementing an ELD solution with DVIR, IFTA Reporting, and DOT capabilities.