Updating Vehicle Contact Info

Alerts and SMS Messaging features allow you to send notifications (automatic or manual) to drivers. If no driver is assigned to a vehicle, you can instead use the contact information assigned to the vehicle. If contact information is entered for a driver AND a vehicle, the info of an assigned driver overrides vehicle contact info.

SMS recipients who reply “STOP” will be denoted in the grid as having a Blocked Phone Number ( icon). In order to remove a stop request, contact Support.

Company XYZ does user driver assignment for vehicles. Add contact information for the vehicle so that any alerts configured to be sent to the “driver” will be delivered to the assumed vehicle operator, despite not having an official driver assigned.

To edit vehicle contact info:

  1. From the portal, hover over the Account menu, click Manage Vehicles, and click Update contact info for vehicle alerts.

The Manage Vehicles Contact Info page opens in a new browser tab.

  1. From the Vehicle List grid, locate a vehicle you want to modify. In the Phone /SMS or Email Address column for the vehicle, click the value (e.g., “not set”).
  2. Enter a value in the editable cell, and click OK.

In lieu of using this web interface to register a phone number to a vehicle, see Query Services to use SMS messaging for phone number registration.

  1. In the Preference column for the vehicle, select the Email and/or the SMS check box(es) to indicate how the vehicle owner prefers to receive notifications.