Setting Report Defaults

Expand the User Preferences icon 01-0077 on the Dashboard to set default options for reports.

Setting Description
Show Timezone Option All line items in a single report show a consistent time zone (i.e., does not vary by the vehicle's location). By default, the timezone applied to a report is the timezone preference set in the user's profile. If you want to run a report to see values represented in a different timezone, select the Show Timezone Options in the User Preferences, and then change the Timezone drop-down preference when running the report. The list of Timezone options varies by country. The timezone for which the report ran is indicated in the Report Header.
Suppress Max Speed Hide the Max Speed column on any applicable reports.
Available Speeds List Enter speed limit options (in mph) from which you can choose when running the report. Separate values by commas.
Default Speed Selection Set the speed that is automatically pre-selected in report options.
Default Vehicle Group Set the default vehicle group that is automatically pre-selected in report options. Choose to always use the default group or remember the last used vehicle group when running consecutive reports during your session.
Full Hierarchy Path For any reports that show Hierarchy Node column, indicate whether or not to show the full hierarchy path in the web version of the report (Web) and/or the CSV export (Exports). Full hierarchy paths are represented by Tree Name->Node1->Node2, etc.