Setting User Preferences

Expand the User Preferences icon 01-0077 on the Dashboard to set default options for Locale, Vehicles, Maps, and Reports.


Setting Description
Measurement Units Specify the units to display for distances and speeds. Available options are US Standard and Metric.
Time Format Specify the format for displaying time. Available options are 12-hour and 24-hour.
Duration Format Specify units and decimal precision of duration values (i.e., Stop Time, Idle Time, etc.) in spreadsheet exports. All exports use the same format.


Setting Description
Label Override the standard vehicle name with an attribute value. This change affects how the vehicle label appears in dashlets, reports, maps, and all other areas of the portal. The setting is specific to the user logged in.
Auto-Unassign Drivers Automatically remove a driver assignment from a vehicle as soon as the vehicle ignition turns off. Selecting this check box applies to all driver assignments for the account and overrides any manual assignment preferences that might have been previously set. This option is highly encouraged ONLY for accounts that use keyfobs for driver assignment.


Specify the thresholds for maps. The legend uses the values specified here.

Setting Description
Speed Threshold Speeding vehicles are displayed on maps with a brighter green icon.
Idle Time Threshold Idling vehicles are displayed blue after this threshold, green before.
Stop Time Threshold Stopped vehicles are displayed yellow until this threshold, then red.
Out of Range Threshold Out of range vehicles are displayed orange after this threshold, blue before.


Refer to Setting Report Defaults.

Scheduled Reports

Refer to Scheduling a Report.

change vehicle label